Physical Therapy Scope in Pakistan :

You now look serious for taking physio as your career line. Ok. Here are some tips first before i tell you the scope of physiotherapy in Pakistan.

If you dont know about Physiotherapy yet than i highly recommend you to read Physiotherapy Introduction and Physiotherapy Pakistan. I am asking you this because first you should ask yourself that

  • Is it the right profession for you ?
  • Keeping the benefits and salary aside, do you really want to do this job ?


You need to think about it first so please go back and read what actually Physio therapy is.



Physiotherapist scope in Pakistan :

I would be honest with you. Physiotherapy is growing field in Pakistan. Competition is very low as its not like BBA or MBA where millions of candidates appear every year. But it is still on the growing stage. After completing your BS in Physiotherapy, you would be able to

  • Work as 17th Grade Officer in Government Sector as Physiotherapist.
  • Can practise in local hospitals and clinics.
  • Open your own clinic
  • A tremendous scope of working abroad in US, UK, Canada, Australia.


Physiotherapy Government Jobs :

Working as a 17th grade government officer is a good career. there are less applications and the amount of government quota is growing. And if you dont know about government jobs in Pakistan, let me tell you this. Once you get in any government department, than you have a complete job security with no work load. thats how it is.


Physiotherapy Jobs in UK, US, Canada :

In UK, US and Canada, Physiotherapist has a vey high salary package. Physiotherapy abroad have a very high value and is considered as red coller profession. If after your studies you can afford to go abroad and look for job, inshaAllah you will get one very soon.